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The Storm Chords

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by sabrjoao

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The Storm


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E riff (Used constantly) e|-0------0--0--0--------------------------------| B|-3-/-5--5--5--5-\-3--0-------------------------| G|------------------------1h2p1------------------| D|--------------------------------2-----0-1-2----| A|-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------0---------0-| E melody with vocals E riff e|--------------7--7--5--5---| B|--8--5--8--5-------------8-| G|---------------------------| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| G F#/G A E riff e|--0---0---0--| B|--3---3---5--| G|--0---0---0--| D|-------------| A|-------------| E|--3---2---5--|
(E riff) 4x E (melody) (A) E Storm is raging, Trouble on its way Cars are floating, Down the west highway G F#/G A E Fire's burning, In my neighbor-hood Water's rising, Thought it never would E (melody) (A) E They came and told me, Got to move a-way I didn't believe them, Said I'm gonna stay G F#/G A E Nowhere to turn to, No place left to hide Build me a sea wall, Wait it out in-side F G F G F G E F# A E riff 2x E (melody) (A) E Wind starts howling, Storm starts moving in Storm gonna rise up, No where left to stay G F#/G A E Full moon rising, Hard times coming back You can't deny it, Change has come at last ... at last F G F G F G E E F# A E F# A

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