Taylor Dane

Love Will Lead You

Taylor Dane

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by  CURLY9702

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Love Will Lead You


Fm/Db	Ab/Eb	Ab	Ab 


Ab			    Db/Ab 
Saying good bye is never an easy thing 

But you never said you?d stay forever 

So if you must go darling I?ll set you free 

		   Bbdim               Fm     Eb 
But I know in time       we will be together 

Bbm7           Cm        
I won?t try to stop you from leaving 

     Db            Fm  
?Coz in my heart I    know 


Love will lead you back 

Someday I just know that 

Love will lead you back to my arms 

Where you belong 

    Fm/Db                       Ab/Eb 
I?m sure, sure as the stars are shining 

One day you will find me again 

And it won?t be long 

One of these days, oh 

Eb                 Ab    Ab7 
Love will lead you back 

             Ab			      Db/Ab 
One of these nights oh I?ll hear your voice again 

You?re gonna say how much you miss me 

You?ll walk out this door 

But someday you?ll walk back in 

                      Bbdim      Fm      Eb 
Darling I know I know       this will be 

Bbm7                     Cm  
  Sometimes it takes sometime on your own now 

   Db                 Fm  
To find your way back home 

F#	B/F#	F#	B/F#	F#	C#/F D#m C# 

G#m7	A#m	B	Eb	Eb  Fm  Eb  Fm 


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