Tasha Cobbs

Jesus Saves

Tasha Cobbs

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Jesus Saves

F2 Gm7 Eb     F2 Gm7 Eb 
Je-sus saves, Je-sus saves 
         Bb           F/A 
From the cross to the grave 
F2 Gm7 Eb 
Je-sus saves 


    F2       Eb      Cm7      Gm7   F/A     Bb 
You died for me, the ultimate sacrifice for me 
        F2    Eb          Abmaj7       Eb        Cm7  Bb 
You had never seen, so my voice I will raise and testify that 


         Cm7  Gm7    F2       Bb/D 
Form the cross   You saved my life 
Eb F2  Gm7       F2     Gm7 Eb 
To the grave You raised me  up 
         Abmaj7              Eb 
And Your resurrection power, resurrection power 
Saved me from the sting of death 

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