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San Antonio Stroll Chords

Tanya Tucker

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San Antonio Stroll

	  San Antonio Stroll 
By: Tanya Tucker 
key of A 
Intro notes for Mandolin:  A, Ab, Gb, E, Gb, E, Ab, A, A, Ab, Gb, 
Gb, Ab, A, B, A, Ab A 
Intro with guitar:  one strum each of first four chords} 
A, B, D, E  then open up full strum-- A, B, D, E, A, E 
A                          B 
When I was a child down in South Caroline 
           D        E           A   E 
Soon's the Saturday sun went on down 
             A                            B 
My folks and sister would go and leave me home all alone 
      D           E               A 
Going to that big square dance in town 
        F#m                       C#m 
Well my old radio would play that old opry show 
     Bm        E           A 
So I never got lonesome or blue 
           F#m                            C#m 
I'd fall asleep in my chair and dream that I was right there 
     Bm          B            E 
Just singing the whole night through 
When my folks would come home 
They'd be humming a song 
       D                E               F#m 
Mama'd smile and say, "Child, don't you know, 
there ain't a thing in this world to make you 
A            F#m            B     E     A     E 
fall in love girl, like the San Antonio Stroll" 
Same as intro, except twice--- A, B, D, E, A, E 
         A                        B 
Well the day finally come when my mama said, hun 
           D             E          A    E 
It's 'bout time you came with us as well 
       A                     B 
Well I had me a time, yes I danced all the night 
         D             E              A 
Til they rang that ol' crack-midnight bell 
Then the lights went down low 
The fiddler picked up his bow 
       Bm               E          A 
And he played something steady and slow 
       F#m                  C#m 
And my sister Irene and her husband to be 
          Bm          B       E 
They held hands and began to stroll 
           A                       E 
I've been away for a while, but it still brings a smile 
       D            E           F#m 
When I think of the way that it goes 
         D                         A        F#m 
Now I'll sing it to you just so we both can do 
         B     E     A     E 
That old San Antonio Stroll 
(instrumental--exactly like intro, except twice.  Also, for the 
mandolin, instead of ending on the note A, end on F#) 
(chords for instrumental are:  A, B, D, E, A, E, A, B, D, E, F#m) 
         D                         A       F#m 
Yes I'll sing it to you just so we all can do 
         B     E     A 
That old San Antonio Stroll 
Outro:  Same as intro.  Chords:  A, B, D, E, A 

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