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Little Things Chords

Tanya Tucker

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Little Things

  		C                           Am               C 
Love can't be measured with diamonds and gold 
C                                    Am 
Before you spend your money I oughta let you know 
            F                  C             Am 
If you wanna get to me, try the little things 
C                          Am               C 
Don't need that mansion on top of the hill 
C                   Am 
Too many rooms with nothing to fill 
         F                    C              Am 
You can't furnish me, with the little things 

G C Rub my back, make me laugh G C Hold me while I dream G C F All it takes, to make my day Dm F Am G C Am C Am C Is to tell me that you love me, little things
C Am C It doesn't matter what mood I'm in C Am F I always melt when you begin whispering C Am C All those little things *repeat chorus* G C Rainy walks, a midnight talk G C Dance me on your feet G C F Hold me close, don't let go Dm F Am All I'll ever need G C Is a single rose, a kiss hello G C That smile upon your face G C F The tender way, you say my name Dm F Am G Takes my breath away C Am Little things C Am Little things C hmmm Little things............... ..HOPE IT SOUNDED ALRIGHT

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