Tame Impala

Love Paranoia

Tame Impala

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Love Paranoia

	  		verse 1 
  Am      Bb C    Bb         Am         Bb   C    
I may not be as honest as I ought to be now that 
 Bb       Am     Bb   C  Bb             Am 
When the walls go up, I said it didn't worry me 
Bb      C      Bb     Am   Bb 
But it hit me like an avalanche 
C   Bb               Am     Bb      C   Bb    Am   Bb  C 
No, I can just be paranoid, don't quell the desire to know 
Bb                Am       Bb       C      Bb     Am 
What was really going on, does it really fucking matter? 
Bb   C  Bb          Am       Bb    C         Bb      F 
Babe is all you can ask me, okay, fair play here we go 

verse 2 
F                        Bb 
I've heard those words before 
         Am           Bb 
Are you sure it was nothing 
                            Dm     F 
Cause it made me feel like dying inside 
                       Bb               Am 
Never thought I was insecure, but it's pure 
         Bb                   Dm       F 
Didn't notice until I was in love for real 
And if we're gonna cross the line 
         Am                 Bb 
Just to find what shit's happening 
If only I could read your mind 
           F             Bb 
Oh I'd be fine, I'd be normal 
          Am         Bb 
Now's my time, gonna do it 

verse 3  
And suddenly I'm the phony one 
The only one with a problem 
True love is bringing it out of me 
The worst in me, and I know now 
Do you remember the time we were 
The time we were by the ocean 
I didn't care if it was day or night 
The world was right where I wanted 

Girl I'm sorry 
Babe I mean it 
               F  B   
Babe I'm sorry 


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