Tally Hall

Rotary Park

Tally Hall

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Rotary Park

F#      E       F#        Bm 
Rotary Park is safe after dark 
Neighbors off porches 
     F#            Bm 
The playground is stark 
G               A          F# 
Wine stain'd a vacant old basketball court 
G           A          C#m 
Dwellings surround a municipal fort 

E                           F#          Bm 
Don?t mind the stories of triumphs and glories 
       E                     F#m 
Rotary Park is the jam after dark 

Chorus C Be A D Leave and decide Bm G Stay and be blind A F# E Easy to claim when you?ve places to find A D We nearly died Bm G Be that inside A E Bb grinding the gears of all tides
Verse E D Bm Rotary Park is at peace after dark E Chief Pontiac D Bm stamped his name on the mark
Chorus G A D Mystery buried in flat dominos (Be, leave and decide, stay and be blind) G A F# Bm Twilight attuned to a creeping repose (Easy to claim when you?ve places to find)
Verse G Don?t mind the lion A G hid dreaming of Zion Bm D C Rotary Park is ablaze after dark Fm G C Rotary Park is swell after dark Fm coveting woes C in bureaucracy throes
Chorus Fm Bb Eb C Trials by pairings with blood on the psyche (Be, leave and decide, stay and be blind) Ab Bb G A Victory airings not sponsored by NikeŽ (Easy to claim when you?ve places to find) Ab G Eb Purple potato-faced comrade ascends (We nearly died, be that inside) Bb Fm Bm Vultures encircle abandoned amends (Grinding the gears of all tides)
Verse C This morning I woke Fm C from a nightmare and fell out of bed C and Lo! F# C Fm E C The ghost of a man ages thought to be dead Fm C Fm Bb C A smile and a ribbon he wore with a dutiful pose C A wink C Fm A prick from the thorn of that beautiful rose A F# Rotary Park is aghast before dusk G A don?t mind the four savage Bm E young horsemen of musk

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