Only Hope


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Only Hope

Year: 1999 - Album: New Way to Be Human

	  		Thanks to Higher Praise 

Intro to come! 

Em        G            Em         C  G C    B7 
There's a song thats inside of my soul  

Em           G            Em             C        G    C    B7 
and its the one that I've tried to write over and over again  

Em      G        Em      C  G  C   B7    
I'm awake in the infanit cold  

Em      G          Em       C        G    C      B7 
but you sing to me over and over and over again 

E            B        A        E             B         A 
So I lay my head back down...  and I lift my hands and pray  
      C#m          A     C#m                 C               B 
to be only yours I pray, to be only your I know now your my only hope 

(verse 2) 

Em      G         Em            C  G C    B7 
Sing to me of the songs of the stars  
Em      G    Em         C            G          C    B7 
of your galixy dancing and laughing and laughing again 
Em       G            Em            C  G C    B7 
when it feels like my dreams are so far  
Em      G         Em             C           G    C    B7 
sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again 


D                E           D                 E 
I'll give you my apathy...  I'm giving you all of me...  
D                E              F#m        B 
I want your symphony singing in all that I am 
A                B     A             B 
At the top of my lungs I'm giving it back. 


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