Suzzy Roche

The Second Coming Of Eli

Suzzy Roche

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The Second Coming Of Eli

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: C  G/B  F  G  (8x) 

verse 1 
C         G/B   F             G  C 
The phone rings, who could it be 
               G/B      F         G  C 
That religious guy from Brooklyn 
               G/B      F           G  C 
Did we meet by accident, yes we did 
          G/B      F           G   F 
Did we communicate, I guess we did 
            Caug            G             C    Em 
He says, "I pray throughout my salesman's day 
     F         C                           G/B  F  G  C  G/B  F  G  C 
Stay late at a bar and I, hey, hey, hey" 

verse 2 
                 G/B      F              G   C 
His wife doesn't like him, six kids he's got 
               G/B     F         G    C 
The holy thing has him tied in a knot 
          G/B          F      G  C 
He thinks I'm lucky and free 
            G/B  F          G      F 
To be who I am unashamed or guilty 
       Caug     G      C    Em 
I pray as every sinner may 
              F     C              G/B  F  G  C  G/B  F  G  G7  Em 
The deep down blues won't go away, go away, go away 

Eb         Bbaug   F 
High above, way up in the sky 
           Eb          Bbaug   F 
Is there a good guy or anybody watching down 
Eb              F                 Eb   F 
Help is on the way, but you don't know when 
Eb                 F   
There's nothing to say 
Eb   F     Eb F 
Just don't go all the way  
Round the bend 

verse 3 
           G/B      F         G  C 
Goodnight, put your head away 
       G/B   F             G     C 
Reach across, turn off the light 
         G/B    F    G      C 
Soon you fall into a dream 
           G/B         F         G       F 
Far in the distance, a fade away scream 
  Caug              G      C     Em 
I pray that we will be all right 
        F              C           G/B  F  G  C  G/B  F  G  C 
Thanks again, we were alive today 

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