Susanne Sundfor


Susanne Sundfor

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Written by Susanne Sundfør

	  		Intro: F - Dm - C - F - Dm - Bb(add9) 
       Gm - Dm - C - Bb - Bb/C 

F           Dm     C       F 
So, it's definite then 

                    Dm  Bb(add9) 
It's written in the stars, darlings 

Gm              Dm   C     Bb 
Everything must come to an end 

Bb/C        F - Gm -      F/A -   Bb 
We thought love could change our names 

    Gm     Dm                C 
And free us from our earthly chains 

                   Gm       Dm 
Oh, we wanted to believe in this,  

      Gm      Dm 
To believe in this 

       A7      A/C#  Dm 
But they couldn't 

             Gm           Dm 
We wanted to believe that love 

                     Bb         F 
Could lift us to the skies and above 

But they wouldn't 

Dm - C/E - F- F/D - Bb 
Fall, oh -oh -oh - oh 

    Dm7 - C/E - F- F/D - Bb 
Oh, oh  -  oh  -  oh  -  oh 


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