Beautiful People


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Beautiful People

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Intro: e-2-12----2-12-----2-12-----2-12----- B-2-12----2-12-----2-12-----2-12----- G-2-------2--------2--------2-------- D-4----2--4-----2--4-----2--4-----2-- A------2--------2--------2--------2-- E------0--------0--------0--------0--
estrofe1: F#m Em When you look out at night F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em You are surrounded by people F#m Em Cracked in the heat again F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em Dead on their feet again, people F#m Em Rings all around their eyes, F#m Em Flashing their whitest lies F#m Em Taking their medicine F#m Em Cm F Cm F Till they're all out of time, people people estrofe 2: F#m Em What does it say to you F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em When you can't face all those people F#m Em You could run out of friends F#m Em Faster than making them F#m Em Out on your own again F#m Em Cm F Cm F Now you don't know how to feel, feel
Bm D When you're looking for reason G And finding confusion Bb You're caught in the crossfire Cm Learning to thrill F Gm Well there's gotta be someway out of the groove Bm D Now you're caught in a maelstrom G Spinning your laughter Bb Cm Feeling your backbone turning to glue F Cm F And I wanna be so fine, people
Gm F Gm F Gm F Gm F estrofe3: Gm F When you look out at night Gm F Gm F Gm F Are you surrounded by people? Gm F Cracked in the heat again Gm F Dead on their feet again Gm F Taking their medicine Gm F C#m F# C#m F# Till they're all out of time, people, people Repete o ref„o outro: F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em

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