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Holy Moment Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by 2u4ubyu

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Holy Moment

  		This is the way superchic{k} does the song except for the fact they do a 
half step key difference which makes it the key of Gb instead of G. 
      Em7               D/F#             G
As we come today, we remind ourselves of what we do 
           Em7                D/F#               C9 
That these songs are not just songs but signs of love for You 
          Em7  D/F#   G                 Em7    D/F#    C9 
This is a holy moment now, something of heaven touches earth 
          Em7    D/F#     G                     Asus4  A 
Voices of angels all    resound - we join their song 
		Em7         D/F#        G       A 
		Come, Come, Come let us worship God 
                         Em7        D/F# 
		With our hands held high 
		And our hearts bowed down 
                        Em7       D/F#             G       A 
		We will Run, Run, Run through Your gates O God 
                       Em7         D/F#        Cmaj9          Em7  D/F#  G  A 
		With a shout of love, 	With a shout of love 
          Em7            D/F#             G
Lord with confidence, we come before Your throne of grace 
         Em7           D/F#               C9 
Not that we deserve to come, but You have paid the way 
            Em7  D/F#    G               Em7      D/F#     C9   
You are the holy King of all, heaven and earth are in Your hands 
           Em7    D/F#      G                   Asus4  A 
All of the angels sing Your song - we join them now 
Electric Solo: {x3} 
C  G  Em7 
C  G A     
              Em7   D/F#     G 
Let this be a holy  moment now 
              Em7   D/F#     G 
Let this be a holy  moment now 
You found it at E-Chords 
Ontario Canada  


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