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The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye Chords

Sue Raney

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The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye

(Allen Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Dave Grusin)

    D                   Gdim 
We wandered through the summertime 
    Edim          D 
And drifted into fall 
   Bm               Bm7/E D      G     Edim 
We never thought of winter at all 
     F#m          C#7 
How foolishly we tossed away 
    B7               E 
The buttercups, the time  
Who'd have thought 
     G#7          C#m 
We'd have no more songs to sing 
D9        E7 
Hills to climb 
    D                 Gdim 
We summered in each other's arms 
    Edim              D 
And slumbered in the glow 
   Bm               Bm7/E  D      G   Gm 
We never heard the whisper   of snow 
    G/B              Am7  A4/7      Am7 
But summer's  not   forever   more 
   B7         Cdim    C     
No matter how we try  
     D      F#m   G   Gdim  A7    D 
The trouble with hello is  goodbye 

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