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The Summer Knows Chords

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The Summer Knows

(Marilyn and Allan Bergman, Music by Michael Legrand)

  		     Em                        B5+  
The summer smiles, the summer knows 
        Em7         Em6  
And unashamed, she sheds her clothes 
     Am                 Am7+ 
The summer smoothes the restless sky 
     Am7         F#m              B4/7         B7 
And lovingly she warms the sand on which you lie 
     E                         Am6 
The summer knows, the summer's wise 
    E                   Bm7 
She sees the doubts within your eyes 
     A7M             Bbm5-/7 
And so she takes her summer time 
          G#      C#m7          G#     D7 
Tells the moon to wait and the sun to linger 
    G        Cm7             G      C#7 
Twists the world 'round her summer finger 
 E                F#m7        B4/7       B7 
Lets you see the wonder of  it all 
     E                     F#m 
And if you've learned your lesson well 
          E              Am6 
There's little more for her to tell 
     Em          B5+    F#m7           B7     Em   E5+ F#m7 B7  E9 
One last carress   it's time to dress    for fall 

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