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verse 1 

C         Am 
Catapult from my mouth  
broken senseless lines  
C                Am 
but you'll never bat an eye  
Dm               G 
you don't see it in mine.  

C Am Dm G I, I warned you. I warned you. C Am F I am crazy.
verse 2 C Am Better run, get your gun. F Take the nearest train. C Am Let me be the first to say, Dm G don't throw your life away.
C Am Dm G I, I warned you, I warned you. C Am F I am crazy.
verse 3 C Am You'll know I'll hurt us both F just to check the pulse C Am I will run away from you Dm G just to make you chase me, baby. C Am They all say that one day F I'll be good as new. C Am But I think this is my new, Dm G and what is good anyway?
C Am Dm G I, I warned you, I warned you. C Am F I am crazy.
Bridge C G F G Sat and sing a song F Bm as lights go flashing Am G F C watch me burn down everything Am G and run away laughing F E run away laughing. C Em C Dm Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh
C I warned you, F G C How I'm crazy C Em Better run, get your gun, Am G take the nearest train. C Am G C Baby, baby.. I'm crazy.
Outro C G F G C

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