The Best Of Times


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The Best Of Times

Am7			          D	  G	   
   Tonight's the night we'll make history, honey   

G7/F    C  Em/B  Am/F  
you and I......  

			      E7          	    F  
'Cause I'll take any risk, to tie back the hands of time  

    G			  Am	  
and stay with you here tonight.   

              G/A   Am            G/A         
 (the best of time)  (the best of time)     

Am            G/A   Am            F  G    
 (the best of time)  (the best of time)  

Am7 			       D		        
 I know you feel these are the worst of times,   

G   	 G7/F      C	Em/B  
 I do believe it's true  

Am/F	     G/F	          Am/F    G/F  
 When people lock their doors and hide inside,  

Am/F   G/F	       Am         E           Am   G#aug  
 rumor has it it's the end of paradise, but I know  

       C/G                  F#m7(5-)  Am/F  
if the world just passed us by baby I know  

  Dm		   G	     C  
I wouldn't have to cry no more  

Em/C          F/C   Em/C           Am         G  
  The best of times, are when I'm alone with you  

Em/C            F/C   Em/C               Am         G  
 Some rain some shine, we'll make this a world for two  

F7	 Am/E         Dm7             Gsus4  G     
Our memories of yesterday will last a life   time  

F7		  Am/E             Dm7         F   Am/E	 Dm7  Gsus4  
 We'll take the best, forget the rest and some day we'll find  

C                   G/C  F/C   C                   G/C  F      E7  
 These are the best of   times, these are the best of   time...s  

Am  E     Am   E    F7    Am/E  Dm7  Gsus4  
F7  Am/E  Dm7  F    Am/E  Dm7   C/G  
Am  G/A   Am   G/A  F     G     Am7  

The headlines read these are the worst of times, I do believe it's true  
I feel so helpless like a boat against the tide  
I wish this summer wind could bring back paradise, but I know  
If the world turned upside down baby I know  
Youl'd always be around my my.  


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