Sturgill Simpson

Sea Stories

Sturgill Simpson

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Sea Stories


verse 1 
Basic was just like papaw says: 
            Bb                      F 
"Keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine" 
(F)                                                   C 
Just another enlisted egg in the bowl for Uncle Sam's beater 
When you get to Dam Neck hear a voice in your head 
         Bb                  F 
Saying, "my life's no longer mine" 
                           Bb   F 
Have you running with some SAD SOG 
C       F 
BMF sandeaters 

verse 2 
F                                   Bb              F 
Setting out on them high seas feels just like being born 
(F)                                                             C 
That first port call in Thailand feels like a pollywog turning nineteen 
            F                                                Bb                  F 
They've got king cobras fighting in boxing rings and all the angels play Connect Four 
Bb                    F            C                     F 
Seems like a sailor's paradise but turns out to be a bad dream 

verse 3  
F                                            Bb            F 
Now you hit the ground running in Tokyo from Kawasaki to Ebisu 
Yokosuka, Yokohama, and Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ropongi, and Harajuku 
Aw, from Pusan and Ko Chang, Pattaya to Phuket 
     Bb                 F 
From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur 
Bb                 F                         C           F                  
Seen damn near the whole damn world from the inside of a bar 

Bb F I've got sea stories, they're all true C Might seem a little bit far-fetched but why would I lie to you Bb F Memories make forever stains, still got salt running through my veins C F I've got sea stories and my shellback, too
Solo (coming soon) verse 4 F Bb F Sometimes Sirens send a ship off course, horizon gets so hazy (F) C Maybe get high, play a little GoldenEye on that old 64 F And if you get sick and can't manage the kick Bb And get yourself kicked out the navy F You'll spend the next year trying to score Bb From a futon life raft on the floor F And the next fifteen trying to figure out C F What the hell you did that for C F But flying high beats dying for lies in a politician's war If you have any input or corrections, hit me up on Twitter and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!

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