Stuart Townsend

My First Love

Stuart Townsend

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My First Love

verse 1: 

E                  A 
My first love is a blazing fire 
E                   A 
I feel His powerful love in me 
E                    A                      
For He has kindled a flame of passion 
E                 A 
And I will let is grow in me. 
Bsus                                            E 
And in the night I will sing Your praise, my love 
Bsus                                       F#m7 
And in the morning I'll seek Your face, my love 

E A And like a child I will dance in Your presence E D A D Oh, let the joy of heaven pour down on me E A I still remember the first day I met You E D A D E And I don't ever want to lose that fire, my first love
verse 2: E A My first love is a rushing river E A A waterfall that will never cease E A And in the torrent of tears and laughter E A I feel a healing pow'r released Bsus E And I will draw from Your well of life, my love Bsus F#m7 And in Your grace I'll be satisfied, my love verse 3: E A Restore the years of the church's slumber E A Revive the fire that has grown dim E A Renew the love of those first encounters E A That we may come alive again Bsus E And we will rise like the dawn throughout the earth Bsus F#m7 Until the trumpet announces Your return

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