Strung Out

Exhumation Of Virginia Madison

Strung Out

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Exhumation Of Virginia Madison

	  		This song is obviously all power chords. I like to play open chords just for fun.  
Anything in parentheses is more of a guitar fill rather than a chord change. Where I wrote  
(fill) in parentheses there is a quick guitar fill I couldn?t figure out. 

Intro: C, G, Am, Em, F, C, G 

C, G, Am, Em, F, G, C 

No one knows where 
  (E   F     G   F)           G                      (fill) 
I buried my sweet Virginia Madison 
The winter chill falls over me 
        Em            Dm         C      Am    F Em 
And keeps me numb inside 
      C                       (E     F   G  F) 
Under the moon by the edge of town she?ll 
G                               (fill) 
Quietly wait for me 
I promised it wouldn't be too long 
Till I returned to sleep with her 
C     Dm  Am                        C 
She said she don't wanna live no more 
        Em  F 
Well I don't mind 
      Em F             G 
No I don't mind 
C   Dm         Am                 F 
So now I'm waitin' for the crack of dawn 
To head on back there 
Em                             F                           G 
To the place where me and her will always be 
C                 (E    F     G     F) 
Now I got my Sunday best 
              G                                 (fill) 
And I'm headed out that door 
F                           Em       Dm     C     Am    F Em 
Dig my fingers deep in soil just to get to her 
     C                                    (E    F   G    F) 
All dressed in black and she's so pale 
          G                        (fill) 
She's waiting there for me 
A blanket of soil covers us 
To fall asleep for eternity 

Solo: C, G, F 

        G                                C  G  F 
And now I close my eyes 

Solo:  C, G, Dm, F, C, Dm, F, G x2 

          C                                         Dm 
When I awake with a snap it was all a dream 
F               G 
I got an empty bottle of something under me 
I got a really bad headache 
My clothes are soaking wet 
       F                     G 
It?s times like this I wish I hadn't slept 
C                   Dm 
Star locked gaze, uneasy hands 
Then the dream fades away 
And leaves my head 
Another riddle ?nother dream 
Another fucked up fantasy 
           F                                    G 
Gotta learn to stay away from all this TV 

 C    Dm  Am                          C 
She said she would always wait for me 
         Em F 
Well I don't mind 
      Em F    G 
No I don't mind 
C    Dm        Am                F 
So now I'm headin' to the place where I 
F           G          Am   Dm  C 
Buried my sweet Virginia Madison 

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