Sunday Morning


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Sunday Morning

Capo on 5th fret

Intro: Am  E/A  E7  Am  E/A  E7   

verse 1 
    Am             Dm 
The stars begin to fade 
          E       E7      Am      C  F 
The early morning mist is lifting 
      Am             G               C        E7 
As he wakes with the silence still unbroken 
    Am                Dm 
The night has rolled away 
            E        E7          Am     C  F 
The dawn is creeping through the window 
      Am       E7               Am        E7 
As he rubs the shadows from his eyes 

verse 2 
    Am            Dm 
The sun begins to rise 
            E          E7     Am       C  F 
To warm the room where he was sleeping 
      Am                G                C        E7 
As he reads through the headlines of the papers 
    Am            Dm 
The dew is fading fast 
         E       E7          Am         C  F 
As he is walking through the long grass 
         Am          E7              Am        E7 
With the church bell sounding in the tower 

Instrumental: Am   Dm   E  E7  Am  C  F   E7   Am   E7 


   Am               F 
He waits inside the door 
    G                     C 
The clock strikes out the hour 
   Dm                    Am             E 
He smiles, pausing for a word as they arrive 
Am                 F 
Farmers with their wives 
G                   C 
Children with their flowers 
Dm              Am                E 
Ladies in their bright mid-summer clothes 

verse 4 
    Am                    Dm 
The stained glass windows shine 
          E      E7        Am      C  F 
The congregation kneels in silence 
                   E7    F  E 
Then the organ and choir 
                      Am    C  F 
Join the birds in the trees 
                   Am     E7      Am 
As they sing their Sunday morning song 

Outro: Am  E/A  E7  Am  E/A  E7 

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