The Kiss of Judas


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The Kiss of Judas

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Intro. 49-60-60-60---60-60-60---60-60-47-60-60-60---60-60-60---60-60- 39 37 -47-60-60-60---60-60-60---60-60-45-60-60-60---60-60-60---60-60. 36 35
Em C/E I hear footsteps , dosing in D/E Em G-A-C Recognizing them from my early days Em C/E The time are diferent , the images remains the same D/E Em G-A-C Repeating back flashes , remembering the name B C B Am (Lick) Approaching visions of things I cant recall B C B C A familyar smiles awakes the pain (Chorus/Intro.) Unkept promisses,the night awaits The act of confidence,the kiss of judas I feel the lips on my cheek,the kiss of judas Haunts me once again Em C/E In your private chamber , you´re all alone D/E Em G-A-C The well earned silver pieces , falling to the floor Em C/E The flame of the candle casting , movement to the wall D/E Em G-A-C You´re eyes filled with , guilt keep starring at the door _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Prof.Alexandre J. Santos (Xandão)([email protected])

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