STP (Stone Temple Pilots)

Seven Caged Tigers

STP (Stone Temple Pilots)

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Seven Caged Tigers

G - Bm - E 
D - C - B7   

E         D               C 
 Pass the time kickin' as time rips by  
G        Bm            E  
 Neither goose nor the gander fly 
G       Bm                  E   
 Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin'  
D        C                 B7  
 Take a peek as the model earns it, earns it 
E        D                C 
 Walk a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin' 
G              Bm      E 
 Clean the politician wash with everpure  
D# A#7M So the answer gets harder (harder, na 2ª e 3ª vez) D# A#7M And the truth's getting farther and farther D# A#7M And the bottle keeps churnin' and churnin' D# A#7M B7 Seven caged tigers fly by, fly by
G Bm E Wastin' time chasin' those cows that fly D C B7 Churnin' out all that butterfly sugarboost E D C Track the blade as it (sweeps) downward and onward G Bm E Take a pill it'll kill all the martyrs, martyrs G Bm E Passin' time rippin' as time kicks by D C B7 Pass the umbilical cord down for this fly by E D C Take a sneak while the model earns it, earns it G Bm E Hike a mile as it keeps crawlin' on crawlin' (((((Refrão))))) (((((Solo))))) G Bm E A F# Bm C G Bm E A F# Bm G A# C D
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(((((Refrão))))) _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Alexander Régio da Fonseca([email protected])

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