What Comes After


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What Comes After

Capo on 4th fret
	  		To play along with the recording capo up 4.  This song was the original closer for  
the "About Us" lp until "Brother Louie" was added after it became a hit. 

 D           A          C 
What comes after the laughter 
I opened my eyes 
  D      A            C 
Great disaster came after 
I started to cry 
   D      C        G   A 
I lie I tried to play 

What comes after what matters  
has gone far away 
Peace comes after disaster  
we all fade away 
I lie I try to pray 

What comes after and after  
I opened my eyes 
strange disaster came faster  
I started to cry  
and now I'm find I'm blind 

posting the very best in power pop!! 
Jimmy Curtis 

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