I'm Coming Home


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I'm Coming Home

	  		In 1973 Stories had a smash hit with "Brother Louie", but prior to that, in 1972, they  
released this song as a single which made it to #42. 

Stories: I'm Coming Home 
Words and Music by Michael Brown & Ian Lloyd 

Intro G C D 
G                          Em 
I'm coming yes I'm coming home 
You know that I?ll be there 
I'm coming now don't you try to phone or turn the music down low 
I'm coming yes I'm coming 
You know that I?ll be running 
D                                 G 
I'm coming yes you know I?ll be there 

Darling you one said we could make 
Everything work out we had 
I didn?t think that you could lie or try to hide inside 
I'm coming yes I'm coming 
You know that I?ll be running 
I'm coming yes you know that 

Bb Bb7          Eb   Ebdim     Bb Bb7           Eb      Ebdim 
I    said many times before   you would never close your door 
Bb     Bb7     Eb     D7 

Posting the best in power pop! 
Jimmy Curtis 

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