Black Heart


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Black Heart

Capo on 1st fret


Intro: G D Em C 

Verse 1: G D Em C (2x) 

I don't like it when you break me honey 

Why'd you have to do that 

Tell me when you make these tears keep falling 

Do you feel like a man 

Pre-chorus: D C (2x) 

Figure figure there's no working you out whatsoever 

Only one way I can some you up altogether 

You got a black heart 

Chorus: G D Em C (4x) 

Daddy Im falling for a monster 

Somehow he's scaring me to death (oh yes he is) 

he's big and he's bad, I love him like mad 

Mamma he's the best I ever had 

Daddy I'm falling for a monster  

He got a black heart  

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