Still Living


Still Living

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(Still living)

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Intro: D D/G Bm G A (2x)

Bm7                      A 
I've been waiting for so long 
For a feeling just like this 
     Bm   F#m   G   A 
That makes me   fly away 

Bm7                   A 
I could say a million words 
To describe what now you mean 
        Bm   F#m    G     A 
But the words would never end 


G7M                 A 
When hope was going down 

When heart was broken and lost 
Then you came to bring reasons to go on 
D Save me now, don't tear me down D/G 'Cause by your side I find my ground Bm G A In your arms I know I've found my shelter D Hold me now, don't let me down D/G You're the only one who shows me how Bm G A Life might be better, you're my shelter
Bm7 A There's no end for what I'll do F#m To deserve your love again Bm F#m G A I will wait for this day Bm7 A Hold my hand and guide me through F#m The mist that clouds my life Bm F#m G A And take me to the brightness (bridge)/(Chorus) solo (D D/G Bm G A)2X (Chorus)

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