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Welcome To My Paradise Chords

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by turtoise

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Welcome To My Paradise

D F#m Em A  

D                        F#m  
Come and take a look out through my eyes  
    Em             A  
And you decide why people act this way  
D                          F#m  
People thieving, fighting, telling lies  
     Em            A  
They criticize and hate each other  

D                      F#m  
Nature colors all have changes some how  
    Em                  A  
The seas are brown the skies are thick and grey  
D                           F#m  
All of these things make me feel so down  
    Em             A  
And think about finding my own place  

  A place where we can toast and drink  
  A place where we can share and some weed  
  A place where there’s no bullshit and...   
every body can come  

D                  F#m  
Welcome to my paradise  
                  Em             A  
Where this sky so blue Where the sunshine so bright  
D                  F#m  
Welcome to my paradise  
                  Em             A  
Where you can be free Where the party never ending  

Musik : D A D A  
        D F#m Em  A 2x  
        D A D A  


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