Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

Back To The Farm

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

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Back To The Farm


verse 1 
Em             F 
Only twilight, calm and barkless 
Em                G 
No more daylight, only darkness 
Em                F                 D 
No more twilight, no more twilight 
         C                B 
Made the change without delay 

verse 2 
Em               F 
Hope 'n' psyche, open brainy 
Em                G 
They throw my key to the drainy 
Em           F            D 
Open psyche, open psyche 
            C              B 
A chance to take without decay 

verse 3 
Em            F 
Many attempts to swim puddles 
Em                G 
Lead to contempt, often muddled 
Em             F              D 
Many attempts, many attempts 
          C          B 
Someone's listening again 

verse 4 
Em               F 
Nothing, no more come from Judy 
Em             G 
Lots of colour come from moody 
Em               F               D 
Nothing no more, nothing no more 
                C              B 
I'm putting new coaches on the train, the train, the train 

Em F Em G 
Em F D C B 
Em F Em G 
Em F D C B 

Verse 5 
Em            F 
We was angry, no, disheartended 
Em                G 
Stole the pantry, not the garden 
Em            F             D 
We was angry, we was angry 
            C                 B 
Back to the farm, back to the farm, the farm, the farm 

Verse 6 
Em             F 
No more angry, no, more busy 
Em                G 
Got me sanctuary, ask who is she? 
Em             F             D 
No more angry, no, no angry 
               C               B 
We're rolling around, rolling around in hyper schemes, oh 

Em F Em G 
Em F D C B 
Em F Em G 
Em F D C B 

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