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God And God Alone

Steve Green

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God And God Alone

Written by Phill McHugh

Verse 1:
A             E  
God and God alone  
        F#m       D                  E  
Created all these things we call our own  
         F#m                    E             A  
From the mighty to the small the Glory in them all  
           A       G    E  
Is God's and God's alone  

Verse 2:
A             E 
God and God alone  
             F#m      D              E  
Conceals the truth of all we call unknown  
            F#m                        E                   A  
And all the best and worst of man won?t change the Master's plan  
            E       D    E  
It's God's and God's alone  

A E God and God alone F#m D E Is fit to take the universe's throne E7 A Let everything that lives E7 F# Reserve it's truest praise E A For God and God alone
Verse 3: A E God and God alone F#m D E Will be the joy of our eternal home F#m E A e will be our heart?s desire, our hearts will never tire E D E Of God's and God's alone

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