Steve Gilmour

Paid It On The Cross

Steve Gilmour

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Paid It On The Cross


Intro: Am  F  C  G D 

    Am                           F 
You Gave Your Life For Us    You Paid It On The Cross 
     C                       G D 
True Love That Set Us Free   Jesus 

    Am                                   F      
And As Your Body Body Bled    A Crown Of Thorns Upon Your Head 
      C                            G    D 
While Hanging There You Said    Forgive Them 

        Am             F 
All Our Sin And Suffering   Was Borne At Calvary 
    C                                   G  D 
And With Your Final Breath You Said Its Finished 

       Am                        F 
To The Heavens You Accend To The Right Hand Of I Am 
       C                                  G D 
You ve Accomplished All your plans   Your Holy 

Am   F    C            G   D 
Holy Holy Holy Are You God  x2 



Chorus x4 

     Am           F                   C            G   D 
Your Spirit On Me I Am Set Free  Your Spirit In Me God   x4 

Chorus to finish 

Great Song For Easter  
Be Blessed Saints 

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