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A love song Chords

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by binhuferrer

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A love song

Year: 2005 - Album: All Gas. No Brake.

D Dsus D2 D D D2 D 
You are Lord, Lord of my life 
Every day I lift you up high 
I praise you Lord my God and King 
You reign in me for eternity 
          G    A       D  Dsus  D2  D 
This is a love song to you 
          G      A      D  Dsus  D2  D 
A song of praise to you Lord 
          G    A    Bmin     G 
I kneel before your glorious throne 
             G    A       D  Dsus  D2  D 
To show that I am yours alone 
Same rythym as verse 
D Dsus D2 D D D2 D 
Hallelujah,    I love you 


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