Steel Panther

The Burden Of Being Wonderful

Steel Panther

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The Burden Of Being Wonderful


INTRO : D x 4 

D                        C 
Why? In a world of ugly faces 
C      Em/B                   D 
Should I be allowed to be so hot. 
D                       C 
So many people without talent, 
C         Em/B                               D     
Yet I was born with all the magical gifts, I got. 

Em/B C The perfect body, the perfect face, D Bm It's like Gods best work all in one place. C Bm A But the haters hate perfection, can't you see? C/G Em It's a burden being wonderful like me.
VERSE : D C How in a world that's so imperfect, C Em/B D Did I wind up with so much cool? D C Friends never stick around too long, C Em/B D Never feel like they belong D C Next to me they feel like a fool.
Em/B C I got the grace of a dancer, golden voice, D Bm People seem to hate me like I had a choice C Bm A Being this blessed is a lonely way to be, C/G Em It's a burden being wonderful like me.. Like me.
BRIDGE D/A D/G So you say you wanna hang around D/A D/G Don't ever ask me to turn it down D/A D/G I'm a diamond, I'm gonna shine D/A Compared to everyone else D/G I'm like a whole damn diamond mine SOLO Bm | A | Bm | A | Bm | A | C | C
Em/B C I'm just a Maserati in a world of Kias D Bm Genius wouldn't describe any of my ideas Em/B C D Bm If I was born i 1453 Leonardo Da Vinci would be jealous of me C Bm A But a world of Stevie Wonders would never see C/G Bm C D It's a burden being wonderful like me.

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