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Too Much On My Heart Chords

Statler Brothers

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Too Much On My Heart

	  Capo 4 (the song is in the key of F# but I would rather use the capo on 4 to get the same key.   
You can put the capo on 1 and transpose the chords to the Key of F if you so choose)  
Intro Chords:  
D  G  A  D  
A             D                G                         D  
You're having second thoughts, I can tell by the way you look at me  
              A          G                        D    A  
I can tell by what I see you no longer believe in me  
           D         G                                    D  
I'm havin' bad dreams, can't seem to get back to where we used to be  
D                                     A     G        A              D        
Sometimes it feels like we're worlds apart, I've got too much on my heart  

G C G D I've got too much on my heart and I don't like to feel the pain A G A And I don't know where to start to make you love me once again G A D D/C# Bm I don't have time to make you understand, Lord this thing is gettin' out of hand Bm G A D Pain shoots through me like a dart and I've got too much on my heart
A C G C Don't be so cold to me I know you've changed but it's still hard for me A D A It's too late I realize I can see it in your distant eyes D G D You needed all of me but I can't be there like I used to be D A G A D And Lord it's tearin' me apart, 'Cause I got too much on my heart Chorus

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