Can I Stay Here Forever


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Can I Stay Here Forever

Year: 2004 - Album: Starfield

Capo on 4th fret

Verse 1: 
Through forgotten convictions 
And misplaced affections 
       A                                         G    
I'm losing the sound of your voice 
I'm chasing after emptiness 
Trying to tidy up this mess 
           A                                                      G 
And I swear I've been down this road before 

Pre G/Bb D/F# I wanna get back to where it all began C2 G/Bb Asus When I would long for only you
D Asus G Like a child I'll take you at your word G/Bb Bm As these mountains of doubt, they fade away Asus G I'm longing to trust and love you more
D Asus So for me this is beautiful G Gm Brand new thought and a brand new world Bm Asus G Can I stay here forever, here with you? Verse 2: D I've lost sight of what first drew me D/B To the love that persued me Asus G The joy that inspired my song D The friendship that was all I knew D/B The arms that I would fall into Asus G Seem miles and years from where I am today Bridge 1: D Can I stay here forever Asus Here with you? G Surrounded by your mercy Asus Clothed in your truth Bm Asus Always I'll stay G Asus Always here with you Bridge 2: D Can I stay here forever Asus Here with you G Can I know what it's like Asus To deeply love you Bm Asus Always, Lord let me stay G Asus Always here with you

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