Stacie Orrico

I'm Not Missing You

Stacie Orrico

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by  BABI811

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I'm Not Missing You

Year: 2006 - Album: Beautiful Awakening

F#      C#       Eb9              B9     G#m   G#m7     C#9    
       Oh,   oh...       I'm not missing you  

F#                                  C#9                         Eb9         
Been through just about everything that I could go through  
When it comes to relationships  
F#                               C#9                   Eb9  
Don't know what I was missing or I ain't listen  
When I told myself that was it  
F#             C#9        Eb9             B9  
Now here I go, hurt again 'cause of my curiosity   
F#              C#9                 Eb9   
Now that it's over what else could it be?  
He decided to cheat  

              F#                      C#9         
I made a promise never to settle  
                  Eb9          B9  
Why didn't I keep it?  
Cause I hated the heartbreak  
                 G#m7                       C#9                     
Crying and cheating, the fooling around  
B9                           F#  
(But I'm not missing you)  

C#9 I'm not going through the motions Eb9 B9 F# Waiting and hoping you call me (I'm not missing you) C#9 You might have had me open Eb9 B9 F# But I must be going because (I got life to do) C#9 I know I'm usually hanging on Eb9 B9 I used to hate to see you gone G#m G#m7 But this time is different I don't even feel the distance C#9 B9 F# I'm not missing, I'm not missing you F# C#9 It's a shame in a way 'cause Eb9 B9 I feel that I may not ever find the right one for me F# C#9 Eb9 Did I leave him, is he right in front of my face, oh B9 Will my true love ever be? F# C#9 Eb9 Why would I go on a search again B9 When I know what the end will be F# C#9 Eb9 B9 What good is love when it keeps on hurting me? Pre-Refrão Refrão 2x F# C#9 No, I can't be with you Eb9 B9 Cause I'm scared felt like I was falling when you left me F# C#9 I can't keep going through life Eb9 B9 Unaware of what I missed and the person I could be F# C#9 Love's good when it's right Eb9 B9 And when it's left in your memory all the times I let you down G#m G#m7 C#9 I guess love will be nice for someone else's life B9 F# (But I'm not missing you) Refrão 2x

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