Stacie Orrico


Stacie Orrico

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Year: 2000 - Album: Stacie Orrico

Key:  F More
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	  		  | F7M | Am7 | G9 | C9 | 3x 
	|F7M | Am7 | 

I see you passing by  
I don't where  

I don't know why  
          G9		     C9 
You choose to go the way that you're going now  
F7M				 Am7				   G9 
You've been a friend of mine for many years for a long time, but..  
You just aren't you today, so what's on your mind  
You just won't speak abut it  
think about it  
be about it  
				C9			F7M 
Gotta make yourself aware that you're goin' astray  
You're trying so hard to fit in  

Fm7 Am7 What you need is something genuine G9 C9 What you want is something real Fm7 Am7 What you need is something truthful G9 I know you do C9 I know you do Fm7 Am7 I know you do G9 C9 'Cause I need it too.. Fm7 What you need {2x} What you want {2x} Am7 What you need {2x}
Something Genuine. Fm7 You cry yourself to sleep Am7 G9 Sleep at night but once the night is gone C9 And you prepare to face a brand new day Fm7 Am7 YOu hide yourself behind that mastermind G9 You're in disguise C9 It's as if you try to put a mask on your pain Fm7 You Don't know who you are Am7 What you're about G9 where are you now C9 You're becoming someone that you don't want to be Fm7 Am7 You're trying so hard to fit in... {Chorus} Bb Am7 He loves you for who you are now and who you will be D# Dm Em Don't fear living in truth there's reality Bb Am7 I don't have all the asnwers but I know One who does D# And I know there's freedom and truth G9 I got to Him because {Chorus} Fm7 Am7 What He has is something genuine G9 C9 Who He is someone real Fm7 Am7 What He gives is something truthful G9 C9 Its what He has its Who he is Fm7 Am7 Its what He gives G9 C9 And I need Him too Fm7 What you need {2x} I Need Him Too What you want {2x} Am7 What you need {2x} Something Genuine.

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