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The Gentle Rain Chords

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The Gentle Rain

(Luiz Bonfá)

  		Cm6	 	G7/B	    
We both are lost                     
Bbm7	Ebsus  Eb7	Ab7M 
And alone in the world, walk with me in the gentle rain.   
Am5-/7    D7	Gm5-/7 	C7	   
Don be afraid, I a hand for your hand,   
     Fm5-/7	Dm5-/7 Db7/9	      Cm6	Dm5-/7  G7   
And I will be your love            for a while   
Cm6	  	G7/B	    
I feel your tears             as they fall on my cheek   
Bbm7	Ebsus  Eb7	     Ab7M	    
They are warm          like the gentle rain.   
Am5-/7         D7	Gm5-/7   	        C7	   
Come little one, you have me in the wolrd 
Fm5-/7	Dm5-/7 Db7/9	Cm6 G7/B Bbm7 Eb7/9   
And our love will be sweet, will be sad    
	Ab7M Eb7/9 Eb7/13	   
Like the gentle rain, 
       Ab7M	Gm7   
Like the gentle rain,        
Cm7	Dm5-/7   G5-/7	   
like the gentle rain 

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