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It's De-lovely Chords

Stacey Kent

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It's De-lovely

(Cole Porter)

  		D      D6     Bm7    Em7       A7     Em7    A7     D          D6 
I feel a sudden urge to sing the kind of ditty that invokes the Spring 
        D6         Edim     Em  A7     Em7 G/B Edim Gdim  D 
So, control your desire to curse  while I  crucify  the  verse 
      D         Cdim    Bm7   Em7 Gdim      A7 Em7 Cdim  A7     D    D6 
This verse I've started seems to   me the "Tin Pan-tithesis" of melody 
       D         G  B7   E7 
So to spare you all the pain 
     Em7            A7       Edim Gdim    D 
I'll skip the darn thing and sing  the refrain 
    D                    D7/13- 
The night is young, the skies are clear 
    D6                D        D6 
And if you want to go walkin', Dear 
      D                 Cdim               Em7   A7 
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely 
  Em     B7/13-   A7               G/B                A7 
I understand the reason why you're sentimental, 'cause so am I  
         G/E Em7  G/E Em7 Gdim   A7    Gdim D D6 
It's de lightful, it's   delicious, it's de-lovely 


D   G/B D7  Am7    D7    Am7    G     D7/9      G/B   Am7  G 
You can tell at a glance what a swell night this is for romance 
G/F#     B7      Edim     B7    Cdim      Em7  G/B A7          A7/13- 
You can hear Dear Mother Nature murmuring low,    "Let yourself go" 
    D                   D7/13- 
So please be sweet, my chickadee 
     D6                 D       D6 
And when I kiss ya, just say to me 
         D               Cdim             Em7             A7 
"It's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious 
      Em7            A7           A7/13-           D6 
It's dilemma, it's de-limit, it's deluxe, it's de-lovely" 

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