Oh Baby


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Oh Baby

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Intro: Bb  Bb7M  Cm  Cm 

Bb        Bb7M                          Cm 
Darling,           heaven's just a heartbeat away 
F/C                                                                Bb     Bb7M 
Baby, please don't let anyone stand in your way 
Bb        Bb7M                        Cm 
Darling,          you only get a lifetime to choose 
F/C                                                               Bb     Bb7M 
Baby, you can do anything that you wanna do 
        Cm                                 Cm 
And darling, you'll only get a lifetime to try 
F/C                                                                        Bb     Bb7M 
Baby, please don't let chances like this pass you by 
       Cm                                  F 
And baby, I can't tell you anymore than I know 
   Cm                                                              (Bb - Bb7M - Cm - Cm) 
So darling, reach out and take it all in as you go 

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