Spirit Family Reunion

100 Greenback Dollar Bills

Spirit Family Reunion

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100 Greenback Dollar Bills


Verse 1: 

Grab your purse  
we're headed down the road 
Where the whisper winds  
will blow away your load 
100 years of history's calling  
and I can't wait til night is falling 
D                                       D7 
to bring me what I'm wanting 

G 100 Green back dollar bills C little tin boxes for your pills D G we're going up above the hills, my darling G A knife to cut the bottle cork C a raincoat keeps away the storm D G I took the weekend off of work my darling
Verse 2 C And I don?t know how much better G It can get C You say you can taste the whiskey G D All soaked up in your cigarette G C Well if there's one thing I know for certain G The whiskey takes away the hurtin' D Well take my hand D7 And put in your hand Chorus Instrumental Verse 3: C So let this fire Burn all through the night Write up your ma And write up your pa And tell em about our country flight You got your purse and I got my hat We might never make it back Awe that's good with me honey Hey if It's good with yooooou (Instrumental cut out) Chorus Outro La La Lalala La La Lalala Lala-la-lala (2x)

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