South Austin Jug Band

My Girlfriend's A Lesbian

South Austin Jug Band

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My Girlfriend's A Lesbian

	  		           G                                  C                         
We?ve been goin? out for about 6 months and I liked her pretty good 
G                                       D    
Then one day she started out with these feminine crazy moods 
    G                                 C                    A7 
She never wanted just me and her, she had to have a friend along 
    G                                           D                 G                     
And I found me out some crazy things and I just had to write this song 

G C She don?t say I look good these days like she always had before G D And when I bring Willie?s Playboys over she?s always asking for more G C A7 I don?t know what the hell to do I was her number one biggest fan G D G But people change and lovers lie, my girlfriends a lesbian
Well I came home one night sick and tired and I sat down with a beer Smokin? Sweet Chiva in my lazy boy, wasn?t ready for what I was to hear She said I was a really nice guy and she hoped that we could be friends But she was interested in a girl named Jenny so our relationship had to end Guess I shoulda just figured it out all on my own I ignored all the signs that said she was a homo Not that it bothers me like it should Well she was always bench pressin? way more than I ever could Chorus

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