Oh Darkness Looming


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Oh Darkness Looming

Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) 
Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) 
Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) 

E           A 
Hold still vibrations 
E               F#m 
Hold still the Mississippi sun 
I saw in the middle of the sky 
In the middle of July 

(Same chords as last verse for rest of song) 
Hold still new sun beam 
I'll squint my eyes to see you're light stream 
In the passengers seat 
With my head against the clouds 

I saw a quiet lonesome sunrise 
Beat against the car and your knuckles there 
On the wheel  
What burning wind 

What sleeping rainstorm did you squander 
Disappearing days with the drinking man 
With the drinking man 
Oh tired love 

You fell asleep against a brick wall 
20 years ago and left me here and now 
Oh gnashing teeth  
Oh splintered deep 

Oh sparkled breeze 
Oh calling sleep 

Oh darkness looming 
Oh darkness looming 
Oh darkness looming  

Oh darkness looming 
Oh darkness looming 
Oh darkness looming 

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