Sound Bullet


Sound Bullet

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I'm walking through the line 
       Ab7M                 Db 
And I'm running out of time 
Ab7M                            Bbm  Cm  Db7M 
Shapes unfold showing me the way 
    Fm                             Bbm  Cm  Db7M 
our story happens before my very eyes 
          Fm                              Bbm  Cm  Db7M 
You should know I never meant to be alone 
       Fm              Db7M 
And I'm already there  
       Fm    Gm    Bb7M  Cm                  Ab6 
If I make the right move I'll be by your side, 
       Fm     Gm  Bb7M  Bbm                Db7M 
But if I‚??m mistaken I'll be out of time 

          Ab7M              Db7M 
It's like gravity and time 
      Ab7M                   Db7M 
Have embraced me all my life 
     Ab7M                                 Bbm  Cm  Db7M    
I can see the dust moving through my hands 
And I'm already there 

Should‚??ve known better 
Fm              Cm 
You and I won‚??t make it in time 

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