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Are We In Oz?

Sound Bullet

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Are We In Oz?

	  		Intro Cm  Gm  Bb6  Ebē 
Eb7M                          Dm                             Gm  Fm  Eb7M 
Days passed by since the last time I heard a thing or two from you 
But your smile still brightened up my room 
Eb7M                                   Dm                                                               
I promise I'll get back to you in the morning 
                               Gm  Fm  Eb7M 
When I set my thoughts straight 
The wind is bringing your voice 
There's no shelter for this dreaming again 

Cm9          Eb7M/G             Bb6              Dm 
I found you smiling on the other end of mirrors, pulling me 
Cm9               Eb7M/G              Bb6                     Dm 
Hand to hand we're falling up and down, falling up and down 
Cm9          Eb7M/G             Bb6              Dm 
I found you smiling on the other end of mirrors pulling me  
Cm9               Eb7M/G                       
Hand to Hand we're falling up and down 
Bb6                       Dm 
There's no place like the home I'd rather be 

Eb7M                         Dm                      
Halfway through the roads of Oz or back in Kansas 
Gm                             Bb7(13-) 
I'll be wondering what is real?  
Eb7M                      Dm                      
Descending into happiness I believe  
                     Gm              Bb7(13-) 
I've been living in a twisted fantasy 
Where the seattle supersonics are back 

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