Soulja Boy

Kiss Me Through The Phone

Soulja Boy

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Kiss Me Through The Phone


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G A e|------------------| B|------------------| G|-55--44--33--2----| D|-77--66--55--4----| A|-77--66--55--4----| E|------------------| G A e|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|-55--44--33--2--33--44--3--| D|-77--66--55--4--55--66--5--| A|-77--66--55--4--55--66--5--| E|---------------------------|
Chours: G A Baby you know that I miss you Bm I want to get with you tonight but I cannot baby girl and that's the G A Issue Girl you know I miss you Bm D I just want to kiss you But I can't right now so baby G A kiss me through the phone(kiss me through the phone) Bm I'll see you later on G A Kiss me through the phone(kiss me through the phone) D See you when I get home(I get home) ...And its the same cords for the raping...

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chords Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Through The Phone
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