Sonny And Cher

The Letter

Sonny And Cher

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The Letter


F   Bb  F   Eb   Bb                 F 
I'm writing this letter to say good-bye. 
F                                      Bb 
I know it will hurt you, yes, you will cry. 
Baby, baby, won't you forgive me, I know I  
am wrong. 
F                      Eb          Bb 
I kept pretending, and leading you on. 

Bb               Eb                     Bb 
I'm writing this letter with the tears (oooooo) 

in my eyes. 
           C                              F 
Well, now, I've been thinking, I made you cry-y-y. 

F           Bb                                F 
Baby, baby, throw in our picture..darling, forget  

F                                  Bb    Eb Bb 
I read your lies..but darling, you let me. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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