Sonny And Cher

But You're Mine

Sonny And Cher

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But You're Mine


Intro: D Em D 

D                              Em    A 
When people say, you're not my kind, and that  
your clothes are out of line. 
D                        G 
And that your hair isn't combed all the time. 
A                                 D 
You're not real pretty but you're mine. 

D                       Em      A 
We have a great big old society that won't make  
room for folks like you and me. 
D                                G 
But I got some real sad news for them, my friend, 
A                              D 
they're on the outside looking in. 

G                              D 
We've got a great thing going, and it's gonna keep  
right on growing..and I hope that soon they'll see  
the light. 
G                    D 
But until that time, they'll have to blow their mind.. 
      Em                       A 
cause it ain't us that's gonna lose this fight. 

D                              Em    A 
So, when we're walking I don't care, when all those  
people stop and stare. 
Em                                 G    A 
If they'd look in your eyes they'd see, you're not real  
pretty but you belong to me. 

Dm7       Dm   D    Dm7       Dm   D 
Hey, hey, hey, now..hey, hey, hey, now.. 
D                      G                          D 
When you're lovin' me, baby, and when I hold you, baby. 
When you kiss me, baby, (when I kiss)..I know you love  
me, baby. 
        G                              D 
(When I hold you) know I'll never leave you. 
        G                              D 
(When I touch you)..I know I'll always love you..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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