The Heart Of Worship


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The Heart Of Worship

Year: 1999 - Album: SonicFlood

 D                  A 
When the music fades, 
                  Em7             A       
All is stripped away, And I simply come,  
 D               A                                  
Longing just to bring, Something that's of worth 
 Em7                     Asus    A      
That will bless Your heart 
 Em7           D/F#        Asus    
I'll bring You more than a song,  
                      Em7        D/F#        Asus   A     
For a song in itself is not what You have required 
 Em7            D/F#             Asus                                     
You search much deeper within, Through the way  things appear, 
 Em7         D/F#      Asus   A (fade)     
Your looking into my heart 
 D                       A/C#            
I'm coming back to the heart of worship 
         Em7             G        Asus       
And it's all about You, All about You, Jesus 
 D                        A/C# 
I'm sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it 
           Em7           G         Asus     D      :Em7 D/F#  Asus  :   
When it's all about You, all about You, Jesus 
King of endless worth,  
No one could express 
How much You deserve 
Though I'm weak and poor,  
All I have is Yours, Every single breath 
Repeat PreChorus 
Repeat Chorus 
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