In your Hands


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In your Hands

Sometimes my prayers seem so empty 
Bb		                             C 
Your voice seems so far away 
But in my pain I see You molding me 
Bb		                              C 
You are the potter, I'm the clay 

F Bb C In Your hands, for every storm there is a reason Dm Bb Gm C In Your hands, there's a time for every season Dm A/C# Though my tears may fall, You hold me close F/C G/B And love me through it all Bb C In Your hands...
F When the clouds form all around me Bb C I know the rain will bring new life F With every trial just keep molding me Bb C As your plan unfolds before my very eyes Chorus Dm Bb F You turn my weeping into dancing Dm Bb F A You give my feet a place to sta - - nd Dm Bb F You will not turn away the asking Gm C Even when Your ways are hard to understand Chorus

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