Sonata Arctica

Tonight I Dance Alone

Sonata Arctica

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Tonight I Dance Alone

Capo on 4th fret


Am G F Fsus2 F C  G 
F  C  Dm  E Am 

Am            G                       F    Fsus2  
Sometimes we find things we're not looking for 
       Fsus2      C        G 
and we lose the sense of reason 
Am            G                F     Fsus2  
Sometimes we lose what we are caring for 
         Fsus2      C      G 
and then face the day without them 

    F    C   Dm   E  Am 
My life, my home, my you 

Am            G               F      Fsus2 
Sometimes we fail to say how hurt we are 
         Fsus2    C           G 
When the word we fear speaks treason 
Am          G                 F    Fsus2 
Donīt wanna be there when my Cupid dies  
       Fsus2    C        G 
from a wound by his own arrow 

            F    C  Dm   E  Am 
Here's to life, my home, my you... 

 C    F                          G 
    I raise a glass 'n drown my sorrow 
     E             Am  C  F 
    when Iīm on my own 
    I dry my eyes on a shoulder  
    E                 Am  C  F 
    but itīs not my own     
              G            E                 Am   C 
    I cannot hold you, my tears are made of stone 
       F                G               E             F  C  Dm  E  Am  
    I feel a tap on my shoulder, but tonight I dance alone.. 

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